Our Mission

To train and develop people and their skills in order to promote independence, sustainability of income and enhancement of quality of life.

Our Vision

IETI is committed to the upskilling of the employed and unemployed people within South Africa. To this end IETI offers industry-based training that reflects the current needs and demands of learners, organizations and the greater economy.

Objectives (Company Ethos):

To function as an accredited training organisation, in a commercially viable and fully productive manner so as to be the acknowledged market leader in the chosen sphere of operation.

Training Objectives

  • To continually participate with industries and communities to identify training needs and establish areas requiring training and development.
  • To align IETI with industry’s training needs arising out of the Skills Development and Employment Equity Acts on a national basis.
  • To identify areas where training and development will have the most beneficial impact.
  • To secure funding for identified training projects specifically for the upliftment and employment of disadvantaged unemployed people.
  • To establish the required training mechanism and facilities in rural and outlying areas in order to conduct training either by establishing satellites or through mobile training.
  • To execute the agreed training programmes in the most productive and efficient manner in accordance with the philosophy of marketable skills to generate a sustainable income.
  • To maintain and exceed training standards outlined by the NQF and SAQA and Quality Assured by the QCTO, SETA’s and NAMB
  • To train people to a level of competency and where applicable, to artisan status including apprenticeships and learnerships, in order to place a highly trained workforce at the disposal of industry.