The purpose of this qualification is to train the learner to operate and qualify as a Carpenter artisan. The Carpenters construct, erect, strip, install, renovate and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, panelling, timber and steel formwork and access materials, hang and fir doors to frames and install wooden windows to buildings.

Course Overview

The learners will attend institutionalised training at our centres which are situated in Cape Town, Kya Sands and Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). The course is broken up into three sessions of 8 weeks per year over a period of three years.

In year 1 they will focus on Hand skills and tools, the introduction to carpentry industry, interpreting drawings, preparing and erecting branded ceilings, set out and construct Howe roof trusses, wallpanelling and cut and fir architraves and skirting’s.

In year 2 they focus on fit and hang single doors to steel door frames, nail plates roof truss, timber tongue and groove ceilings, formwork for columns and L-shaped wall and L-Shaped Roof Truss.

Then in year 3 they will focus on more Advanced form work which includes lift shaft, walls and steps. Construction of the semi-circular and circular arches form work. Installation of the wooden windows and sills and hanging the Double Door to a wooden door frame.

Recommended Entry Criteria

  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • Grade 9
    Second language
    Science and 2 other subjects OR a four subject National Technical Certificate N1
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  • Orientation
  • Introduction to the building industry
  • Safety and management
  • Elementary first aid
  • Interpret basic building drawings
  • Set out and construct basic joints
  • Determine and transfer levels
  • Setting out a building
  • Erect and dismantle scaffolding
  • Erect purpose made circular steel formwork
  • Erect steel formwork for walls
  • Erect timber and steel formwork for beams and slabs
  • Erect steel formwork for a lift shaft
  • Prepare and erect timber formwork for a rectangular column
  • Prepare and erect timber formwork for an l-shaped wall
  • Prepare and construct formwork for return stairs
  • Set out and construct a Howe roof truss
  • Erect an l-shaped roof
  • Clad a roof structure with concrete tiles
  • Clad a roof structure with corrugated galvanised sheeting
  • Clad a roof structure with corrugated fibre cement sheeting (big six)
  • Prepare and erect a brandered ceiling and install insulation
  • Prepare and erect a timber ceiling
  • Prepare and erect a timber framed partition
  • Cut and fit architrave and skirting
  • Prepare and fit tongue and groove wall panelling
  • Fit and hang a single door to a steel door frame
  • Prepare and install open shelving
  • Optional tasks
  • Construct a formwork for a semi-circular arch
  • Set out and construct a nail plate roof truss
  • Set out and erect gable roof trusses
  • Install a domestic type wooden window and sill
  • Fit and hang a double door to a timber door frame