The purpose of this qualification is to train the learner to operate and qualify as a Plasterer Artisan. The Plasterer will plaster and or skim door and window openings, curved walls, recessed arches, circular columns, square brick columns, ceilings and shower and bathrooms and also all internal and external walls on any building structure.

Course Overview

The learners will attend institutionalised training at our centres which are situated in Cape Town and Kya Sands. The course is broken up into three sessions of 8 weeks per year over a period of three years. In year 1 they will focus on Hand skills and tools, the introduction to the plastering Industry, and plastering walls, and door and window frames.

In year 2 they focus on they will focus on plastering curved walls, recessed arches and circular column
including ceilings.

Then in year 3 they will focus on application of skim coats to walls and composite boards, plastering
concrete and curved ceilings, Prepare and fix gypsum mouldings and lay screed to floors.

Recommended Entry Criteria

  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • Grade 9
    Second language
    Science and 2 other subjects OR a four subject National Technical Certificate N1
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  • Orientation
  • Introduction to the building industry
  • Safety and loss control
  • Elementary first aid
  • Interpret basic building drawings
  • Surface preparation, mixes and mixing of plaster, screed and grano
  • Plaster a blank wall
  • Erect and dismantle scaffolding
  • Plaster door and window openings
  • Plaster around projecting wall surfaces
  • Plaster a curved wall
  • Plaster a recessed arch
  • Plaster a circular column
  • Apply a skim coat around door and window openings
  • Plaster a square brick column
  • Plaster a concrete ceiling
  • Apply skim coat to a concrete ceiling
  • Plaster a composite board ceiling
  • Plaster around a ceiling beam
  • Plaster a curved ceiling
  • Run in situ plaster mouldings
  • Prepare and fix gypsum plaster mouldings
  • Determine and transfer levels
  • Lay screed to a concrete floor and form a plaster skirting
  • Lay a grano to a concrete floor
  • Screed concrete steps to a granolithic finish
  • Prepare and lay in situ concrete pavement
  • Optional tasks
  • Tile a plastered wall
  • Tile around a bath with mortar
  • Tile around an attached pier
  • Lay tiles to a screeded floor
  • Lay tiles to concrete steps
  • Lay screed to a shower floor
  • Tile a circular plastered column
  • Repair cracked and damaged plaster
  • Repair granolithic floors
  • Prepare and lay concrete paving
  • Prepare and lay pavers
  • Repair wall and floor tiles