Start building your career in the construction industry and gain access to even more advanced qualifications. Keep moving forward in your trade. As artisan qualifications are listed on the South African National Critical Skills Shortage List, certified bricklayers are in high demand with many employment opportunities available.

Bricklaying provides an entry point into the broader field of building and civil construction – learners who attain this qualification can also progress to obtain the National Occupational Qualification: Construction Foreman. This qualification prepares the learner to operate as a bricklayer, whose main tasks revolve around laying bricks, and other types of building blocks, in bonding agents such as mortar, for the purpose of constructing, repairing or altering structures. Learners will gain sound theoretical knowledge in the fundamentals of bricklaying techniques and processes, while skills development will entail hands-on instruction and practical experience with tools, equipment and materials.

Recommended Entry Criteria

  • NQF Level 3 or GR10 qualification
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Knowledge Modules:

  • Health, safety, quality and legislation
  • Environment, energy efficiency and ethics
  • Tools, equipment, materials and workshop practice
  •  Drawings and applied sciences
  •  Communication theory
  •  Industry contexts
  • Bricklaying, block-work and masonry theory
  •  Paving theory
  •  Transfer levels
  • Lay different types of bricks using mortar

Practical Skills Module:

  • Conduct preparatory activities, repair and/or alternation work to structures using bricks (face and plaster), stone (natural and pre-cut) and block including the building of substructures
  • Lay different types of stone and pre-cut stone using mortar to build substructures and decorative structures
  • Lay different types of blocks using mortar to build substructures and decorative structures
  • Lay paving and other structures. Conduct finishing operations Undertake quality testing and assurance activities
  • Conduct housekeeping and waste removal activities

Work Experience Modules:

  • Planning and preparation processes for bricklaying, work area, material, tools and equipment within the construction environment
  • Bricklaying processes to construct, repair and/or make alterations to substructures
  • Finishing operations and processes to construct or repair substructures