The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to
operate as a carpenter. Carpenters construct, erect, strip, install, renovate and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, paneling, timber, steel form-work and access materials. This qualification resides as one of several in the construction industry and makes allowance for any feeder occupations to gain access to the Carpenter occupation.

The Carpenter qualification also makes provision for people to progress within this discipline to specialisation areas including constructing, erecting and installing roofing and partitioning. The main benefits of this qualification for the learner is that the learner has an opportunity to be recognised as a qualified artisan with well structured, relevant and current competencies and are able to either charge increased rates or gain access to entrepreneurial opportunities within the construction environment.

A qualified Learner will be able to:

  • Determine materials, dimensions required and setting out and preparing a work area on a construction site
  • Construct, erect, install and maintain structures on work area and building sites
  • Fit, assemble and alter internal and external structures of buildings such as walls, doors, window frames, fascia boards and paneling.

Recommended Entry Criteria

  • NQF 3 or GR11 qualification
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Knowledge Modules:

  • Health, safety, quality and legislation
  • Environment, energy efficiency and ethics
  • Tools, equipment, materials and workshop practice
  • Drawings and applied sciences
  • Communication theory
  • Industry context
  • Carpentry form-work and cutting
  • Shoring trenches/excavations
  • Roofing
  • Partitioning/Ceiling
  • Carpentry finishing

Practical Skills Module:

  • Set out work area
  • Cut materials according to specifications using hand and power tools
  • Install structures
  • Fabricate, erect and strip steel and timber form-work
  • Prepare and erect ceilings, roof trusses, partitions and paneling
  • Clad roof structures
  • Finish carpentry activities

Work Experience Modules:

  • Processes and procedures to plan and prepare for carpentry activities in a construction environment
  • Processes and procedures for constructing, erecting and installing form-work within the construction environment
  • Processes and procedures for constructing, erecting and installing roofing and partitioning within the construction environment
  • Processes and procedures for fitting, assembling and altering internal and external fixtures of buildings