The purpose of this programme is to give learners the opportunity to be part of the future by following the mandate set by the Qualifications Council for Trades and Occupations. The Occupational Qualification Electrician is an apprenticeship programme which runs over three years and learners will during their training learn to

  • Plan and prepare work site, equipment, tools, consumables and materials for electrical activities and operations.
  • Install, wire and connect electrical equipment and control systems.
  • Test and inspect electrical equipment, control systems and installations.
  • Commission control systems and installations.
  • Maintain and repair electrical equipment, control systems and installation

The programme is structured and covers three main areas namely:

  • Knowledge Modules which cover the Industry and aspects related electricity
  • Practical Modules teaching the candidate to perform everything related to programme in regards Install, wire, connecting, testing, commissioning and faultfinding on electrical equipment and control systems
  • Workplace Modules which give the learners valuable life lessons on the working world related to the electrical Industry which will include being mentored by coaches and then eventually being able to perform work unsupervised.

Course Overview:

The learners will attend their knowledge and practical training at our centres which are situated in Cape Town and Ggeberha (Port Elizabeth). The course is broken up into three sessions of 12 weeks per year over a period of three years.

In year 1 they will focus on theory and practical aspects related to Safety and  Legislation, Hand skills and tools, Fundamentals of electricity, and the installation of wire ways and the wiring and connecting of circuits between point of control and point of consumption.

In year 2 they focus on they will focus on the theory and practical related to,
electronics, rotating electrical machinery and the wiring and connecting of motor and starter circuits as used in the electrical Industry.

Then in year 3 they will focus on the theory and practical aspects of doing pre
commissioning inspection and the commissioning of electrical supply systems and
components including faultfinding on these circuits and Programmable logic

On completion of the third year which includes the workplace modules having been signed off for all three years the learners will have gained sufficient knowledge and experience to do their External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA) also known as a trade test and the learners will receive sufficient preparation for this assessment.

Upon successful completion of their EISA (trade test for artisans) learners receive their Red Seal certificate and qualify as an artisan

Recommended Entry Criteria

  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • Grade 9 or NQF Level 1 English, Second language, Maths, Science
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