This course is designed to allow those persons who want to expand their motors and starters knowledge and skills to cover all types of Motors and starters used in the Electrical Industry.

Course Duration:

  • 10 Days

Course Outcomes:

  • The identification and selection of various types of specialised Three Phase Motors & Starters
  • The circuit designing and installing of specialised three phase AC motors and starters
  • Testing of specialised Three Phase Motors & Starters

Recommended Entry Criteria

  • Completed the Motors & Starters Course or 1-year experience in wiring of Motors and Startersin the Industry
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Three Phase Motors & Starters:

  • Identify Specialised Three Phase Motors
  • Connect specialised Three Phase Motors
  • Perform specialised Three Phase Motor Test
    • Slip ring Motor
    • Two Speed Motor
  • Motor and Starter Circuit Design
    • Auto Transformer Starter
    • Two Speed with Selector Switch
    • Two Speed Manual
    • Two Speed Automatic
    • Sequences using Delay off Timers
    • Oscillator Panel
    • Various makes of Pre-wired Star/Delta Motors (3 variations)
    • Star/Delta forward Reverse ( 4 and 5 Contactors)
    • DC Motors
  • Theory on specialised Motors and Starters