This course is designed to allow those persons who want to expand their knowledge and skills to understand the basics of Electronics and the ability to test various basic electronic circuits containing electronic components.

Course Duration:

  • 10 Days

Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding Basic Electronic Components
  • Soldering Techniques
  • Constructing Basic Electronic Circuits
  • Using Test instruments


Recommended Entry Criteria

  • 2-year experience in the Electrical Industry.
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Identify the following electronic components:

  • Resistors:
    • Colour Coding of Resistors
    • wire wound up to 10 watts
    • carbon and metal oxides (1 watt)
  • Capacitors – electrolytic and ceramic
  • Diodes
  • Transistors NPN & PNP

Construct, solder and fault find the following electronic circuits:

  • Soldering Techniques
  • A Stable Multi Vibrator
  • Mono Stable Multi Vibrator
  • Bi-Stable Multi Vibrator
  • Regulated Power Supply

Use a dual-trace oscilloscope up to 20 MHZ to identify:

  • Wave Forms (DC & AC)
  • Average Values
  • Peak Values
  • Setting and Calculating Frequencies
  • RMS Values
  • Measuring Voltages with Multimetre and comparing with Oscilloscope measurements

Using a Function Generator to plot Wave Forms