Get Ahead in the Electrical Industry: Short Courses Offered by IETI

electrical short courses

Short courses are short-term courses that focus on a specific skill set. These courses are designed to enhance your skills in your desired field and broaden the opportunities available to you. More skills mean more work opportunities and possibly better pay. The Industries Education and Training Institute (IETI) hosts a number of electrical short courses to boost your skills as an electrician.

What does IETI offer?

IETI offers a number of electronics short courses that will give you the skills that you need. This is what’s on offer:

  •  Electronics Course: Expand your knowledge and skills to understand the basics of electronics and the ability to test various basic electronic circuits containing electronic components.
  •  Domestic Electrical Wiring Course: Enter the electrical field as a career or better enhance your skills.
  • Industrial Electrical Wiring Course: If you have experience mostly in the wiring between distribution boards and downstream circuits and wish to further your career looking to qualify in the Industrial Sectors of the Industry.
  •  Motor & Starters Electrical Wiring Course: If you have experience in domestic and small commercial installations and want to expand your knowledge and skills to design, wire and install motors and starter circuits.
  • Advanced Motor & Starters Electrical Wiring Course: Expand your motors and starters knowledge and skills to cover all types of motors and starters used in the Electrical Industry.
  • Programmable Logic Controller Course: Expand your knowledge and skills to understand Programmable Logic Controllers and the ability to programme these units for use in Industry.

What do you need to apply?

The minimum requirements for a course is:

  • Minimum age of 16 years.

  • Grade 9 – English, Afrikaans, Maths, & Science.

However, most of these courses are designed to expand on already existing skills and as such most of these programs require at least 2 years of prior experience working in the electrical field or completion of previous courses. You can find the specific requirements here.

Why should you apply?

The electrical field has many job opportunities. The larger your skillset is the more you will be able to make use of these opportunities. Upskilling yourself is a great way to find new career opportunities, meet new people, and improve your job security. Additionally, specialised training allows you to take jobs that others cannot.

Short courses make use of the skills and knowledge that you already have. They take less time than a traditional course and as such you can complete one without having to dedicate all of your time. The courses are easy to apply to and are guaranteed to improve your career opportunities.

If you are looking to improve your electronic, or other artisan, skills look no further than IETI. Find the course that is right for you and enrol today. Contact IETI for any questions you may have about their courses.