IETI’s History: How we got to where we are today

IETI's History

INDUSTRIES EDUCATION AND TRAINING INSTITUTE (“IETI”) was established in 1991 in Cape Town only conducting electrical training at its first training centre in Woodstock, with a total square meterage of 250sq metres. In addition to conducting training at its training centre, IETI started conducting “mobile training” wherever the need arose and whenever funding became available.

IETI’s first “mobile” training centre was established in 1995 in Phillipi in the Western Cape, funded by ESKOM and officially opened by Trevor Manual, then Minister of Trade and Industries. We trained a total of 105 unemployed locals in electrical and appliance repair and each student was donated a set of tools to enable them to start up their own small business.

IETI then expanded and offered welding and a variety of construction-related courses. In 1998 we opened a training centre in Randburg in Johannesburg, and in 2000 we purchased an electrical training centre owned by the Electrical Contractors Association in Port Elizabeth.

IETI has always prided itself on being nationally accredited in the courses it offers and on completion of training. Most students are extremely happy with the quality of training and service given to them, with many of our new intakes being referrals of past students.

In 2015, IETI outgrew its premises in Cape Town and moved to larger premises in Salt River (1500 sq metres), and then 3 years later to even larger premises in Maitland (2500 sq metres).

IETI joined the Uxi Artisan Development Group in 2022, and, in Cape Town is now moving into its brand new upgraded premises in Goodwood, expanding its trades to include:

  1. Electrical trade
  2. Welding trade
  3. Refrigeration trade
  4. Bricklaying trade
  5. Plumbing trade
  6. Carpentry trade
  7. Fitting trade
  8. Diesel Mechanic and motor mechanic trade.

Most of the IETI staff have worked for the company from its inception. Mervyn Silber founded the company in 1991, Melanie le Grange joined the company working in the Finance office in 1999 (24 years), Robert Schlosberg in 2002 (21 years), Ricky Minnie in 2013 (20 years), and Craig Hendricks in 2000 (23 years).

To date, we have trained a total of 3500 artisans, of which more than 65% have qualified, and 4200 students in a variety of short courses. Our funders have included SETA’s, Premier Offices, National, Provincial and Local Government Departments, many companies upgrading their staff, and hundreds of walk-ins requiring a type of training.

All IETI students are sent to workplaces to gain on-the-job practical exposure, and through the years, IETI has built a large contingent of workplaces willing to host our learners, many of which are retained by the company in which they are placed.