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IETI’s History: How we got to where we are today

IETI's History

INDUSTRIES EDUCATION AND TRAINING INSTITUTE (“IETI”) was established in 1991 in Cape Town only conducting electrical training at its first training centre in Woodstock, with a total square meterage of 250sq metres. In addition to conducting training at its training centre, IETI started conducting “mobile training” wherever the need arose and whenever funding became available. […]

Answering Your Apprenticeship FAQs

apprenticeship FAQ

There are 2 ways to become a qualified artisan. Occupational Qualification: Electrician / Plumber / Millwright etc. ARPL :  Artisan Recognition of Prior learning Occupational Qualification What is an Occupational Qualification (apprenticeship)? Occupational Qualification is a route of learning where an apprentice will learn through on-the-job, workplace experience and training. What do you need to […]