What is an Artisan

what is an artisan

Choose to be an artisan

It’s cool being skilled.

Would you like to become a respected artisan? You can.

It’s time to make a choice of a lifetime. Practical hand skills will certainly make a difference in your future and the future of the South African youth.

Once you are a qualified skilled artisan the world is your oyster. You are then headed for success in your choice of skill, and you are bound to be employable.

Live a better life

Imagine being a qualified Arc Welder, a fitter and turner, a carpenter, a plumber, bricklayer, electrician, or a certified millwright with your officially earned Red Seal or a qualified chef, nurse, a home-based career, or a pre-school teacher.

Imagine having an accredited vocational skills training qualification in your name. Becoming a qualified and registered artisan at any of our many UXI campuses is the key to your standard of living, and it’s cool to be skilled.

Artisan development training can play a central role in preparing you as a young South African for your future employment. In doing so you are contributing to the labour-market needs of our economy.

We all have skills

“We all share a responsibility to develop the skills of young South Africans and ensure that these skills are suited to the needs of our economy, now and into the future,” says President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Currently a South African skills revolution is calling for more and better technical and vocational education and especially work-based training.

Today is the best time to optimize the long-term impact of apprenticeships, skills and new venture education and training.

The choice is yours

UXI Artisan Development has a skills training opportunity shaped to fit your uniqueness. While learning at any of our campuses nationwide you will be gaining experience to equip you for the real working world.

UXI Artisan Development will change the current ‘you’ into a progressive and dynamic ‘T’ – a new, qualified you, able to earn a sustainable income.

UXI skills training campuses focus on Artisan Development (AD); Artisan Recognition of Prior Learning (ARPL); Trade ‘Test Application and Assessment; Career Development and Artisan Development Support, ensuring a significant contribution towards the current shortfall of at least 30 000 qualified artisans per year into the national labour market.

On a mission to exceptional education

UXi Artisan Development is home to state-of-the-art education and skills training facilities for enrolling school leaving youth for SAQA and QCTO accredited technical, industrial, mining and construction skills training or for other key industry courses including culinary, hair art, health care (nursing and home-based care), agricultural skills and business training and education.

An array of opportunity

UXI Artisan Development Group creates opportunities for school leaving learners to obtain skills qualifications through quality education and training applicable to a wide range of accredited trades and occupations. All training includes rigorous practical application components aligned to workplace expectations.

Individually unique

At UXI Artisan Development facilities each learner is evaluated through aptitude testing. As unique individuals with unique potential, passion, personality and dreams each learner is treated uniquely while being prepared for a cool, sustainable, and well-paying career in business or a newly created venture. To fulfil your dream to care for yourself and your family artisan development learners will be skilled to have a strong understanding of what needs to be constructed, repaired, improved, or sustained, including problem solving and offer the best solutions in their chosen field of a skills career.

Further education and practical training as well as self-paced UXI Online courses are available to learn new skills or to improve existing skills.

The choice of a promising career-path based on one or more skills training qualifications is yours.

Study programme options at UXI Artisan Development campuses include e.g.: welding, electrician, plumbing, carpentry, bricklaying, fitter and turner, millwright, mechanical technicians, refrigeration, air-conditioning, lift operations or the beauty of cooking and culinary art, hair art, nursing, home-based care, agriculture and more.

In addition, at accredited UXI campuses, ARPL is offered to those who have had workplace experience in a specific artisan field for several years, but with no formal qualification, ARPL offers the opportunity to assessment, training in identified fields, trade test preparation and trade testing. Upskilling is offered to qualified artisans in careers i.e.: millwright, fitter and turner, plumbing, welding, electrician, bricklaying, and carpentry.

Currently UXI Artisan Development has campuses in locations i.e.: Cape Town, Centurion, George, Germiston, Great Brak River, Ggerberha, Meyerton, Newcastle, Randburg, Roodepoort, Rustenburg, Soshanguve and Vereeniging.

Learn to earn

During training learners are educated to master the opportunities and challenges of their chosen career. Learners are exposed to the latest available technology in their fields. They are taught, guided, mentored, and practically assisted by vetted host employers. At these host employers they gain and apply knowledge and experience of each aspect of their chosen field.

Artisan industry learners will be taught to use many mechanical, electrical, electronic, gas and other state of the art tools designed to achieve excellence in designing, manufacturing, maintaining, repairing, and improving the livelihood of mankind through the latest devices and systems.

Know it, and do it

The combination of theory and practical training delivers a well-rounded individual with excellent prospects for industry employment or entrepreneurship.

Regardless of their background, our students can excel in their choice of career and discover their passion whilst they learn. UXI campuses equip and prepare each person with industry-relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities to empower them to earn a sustainable income or start their own business and provide employment for others.

According to Ken Duncan, CEO of the Swiss-South African Cooperation Initiative for the Centre for Development and Enterprise’s Youth Unemployment Project apprenticeships are an effective way of equipping young people with the skills they need for employment and getting them into jobs.

“However, in South Africa youth and parents need to recognize and optimize this good intention which has yet to be fully implemented,” says Duncan.

Elsie Harmse, CEO of UXI Artisan Development says that apprenticeship options remain imperative to our youth. “It is essential that the public and private sector highlight the economic and career value of artisans.”

“Amidst technological development the industry demand for skills such as qualified bricklayers, plumbers, carpentry, electricians, welders, hairdressers, fitters and turners, millwright, mechanical technicians, lift operators and business and services support entrepreneurs, can only be filled by young males and females with accredited qualifications.”

Harmse adds that over the past 15 years there has been recognition of the potential of vocational education and training for economic upliftment, poverty alleviation and improved employability, particularly for out-of-school youth and adults. Currently South Africa has a significant skills shortage in a struggling economy while the unemployment rate has escalated to become one of the highest in the world.

“Your choice to obtain an artisan qualification or a skills training certificate or diploma will contribute towards the long-term solution of unemployment. Artisans and skills trained career ready graduates are committed, respected and good job candidates.”

UXI Artisan Development and its skills training campuses are committed to building a country where every South African is developed and skilled to take their place in our economy and address the country’s skills deficit and the social scourge of unemployment and poverty.

Ready to be trained and prepared for a professional career by being skills trained to become a qualified artisan or skills worker? It’s your choice for the best tomorrow!

Information about apprenticeship benefits for students and employers, courses and enrolment requirements for vocational education and training, accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) is available at: www.uxi-ad.co.za or call 044 884 0791