An apprenticeship/learnership is a route of learning and gaining a national qualification either through the following:

  • NQF Level qualifications better known as Learnerships or
  • Occupational Qualifications registered by the Qualifications Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) within the National Qualification Framework from level 1 to 4.

It includes both structured workplace experience in Industry, the knowledge aspects of this Industry as well as institutional practical modular training with a training provider and then on-the-job experiential workplace training.

IETI provides the training for all NQF aligned qualifications providing the theoretical and practical training element of apprenticeships or learnerships across a variety of sectors for both employed as well as unemployed learners.

IETI offers short practical courses to companies in accordance with their specific requirements in the specified time frame.

The training provides students with significant skills and practical knowledge and motivates them to become better artisans and or skilled personnel within their workplaces or use these skills to find gainful employment.

These Industry courses also offer post Artisan training by adding additional skills that will lead to better opportunities within the respective industries.

Courses can be conducted in line with a Companies specific requirements: The students will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge during the training period

IETI also offers the important function of Artisan Recognition of Prior Learning (“RPL”) for those learners who have acquired skills through their working experience or through past training or informal learning but have no formal qualification.

IETI is able to identify and verify the candidate skills by matching his/her skills, knowledge and experience to specific assessment criteria of a specific qualification.

The candidate is then assessed against specific standards as laid down in terms of the Trade Test Regulations and given credit for the skills, knowledge and experience that they possess.